Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Top Ten Tuesdays (3)

Top Ten Book Endings That Left Me With My Mouth Hanging Open 

1) Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins
From the Hunger Games Trilogy, this ending was definitely the most suspense filled. As I said in my review, I would have been FURIOUS if I had to wait any length of time before reading the next book.

2) My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Piccoult
Although I'm not a huge fan of this author now, this was her first book I read, and the ending was very surprising

3) Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Some stuff went down in this book that made me VERY excited for Book 7

4) Eclipse - Stephenie Meyer
Series books kind of need to get you excited with a cliffhanger, and this one had a good one

5) Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card

Not quite 10, but that's really all I can think of. When I read everyone's lists, I will probably have the "OMG why didn't I think of that" but unless it's part of a series, cliffhanger endings kind of annoy me. And its hard to remember what books in a particular series have great cliffhanger endings because I already know how they were resolved.

Thanks again to The Broke and the Bookish for hosting this meme!


  1. Catching Fire def left me with my mouth hanging open! Lucikly I didn't start the series until Mockingjay was already published so I ran out to buy the next one right away! :) Great post!

  2. Ps I love the name of your blog!! I just noticed it! So cute haha!

  3. I've seen Sister's Keeper on a number of lists. I should have added it to mine, too!

  4. I loved the ending of Eclipse too. It was my fav of all the books. And of course Half Blood Prince was totally shocking.

  5. I'm with you on Catching Fire... the ending was so gripping! So much so that I had to pick up the next book almost immediately.
    I keep seeing so much about My Sister's Keeper, but since a work colleague told me the ending of this book whilst attempting to entice my into reading it I just don't see the point. This was months ago and I still pretty annoyed about it. haha.
    Finally I really want to read Ender's Game. I've heard a fair bit about it recently and I've been rather tempted.
    Great list.

  6. My Sister's Keeper is the first and only book by Picoult I've read. I don't think anyone saw that ending coming!

  7. So many people have My Sister's Keeper on their list this week. I did the unthinkable and watched the movie instead of reading the book. The ending of the movie was pretty surprising, although I'm sure it was done much better in the book!

    I agree with Catching Fire too! That ending was crazy- did not see that coming. The wait for Mockingjay was awful, but I love that series! SO excited for the movies!

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    Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves

  8. Catching Fire was so intense. And the ending came out of nowhere!

  9. amen on the series books being resolved part. LOVE Enders Game and HG and HP!! Great choices!

    Thanks for stopping by!