30 Before 30

As I near the age of 27 I wanted to set some non-reading goals for myself. I will be 27 on February 7th, and I just want to kind of have something to work towards, and I thought this would be a neat idea. Also, it helps you all get to know me a little better :)

1.) Get Married (or at least engaged)

2.) Sew a quilt

3.) Learn to crochet and knit well 

2 & 3 have definitely been put on the back burner for a little while. I don't have the time right now, but they are on hold, not forgotten!

4.) Visit New York City at Christmas

We have this tentatively planned for December 2014! Will be booking when we get back from Florida this January.

5.) Get my travel scrapbook up to date (up to the end of 2015 at least, in case I'm away just before I turn 30)

6.) Become a morning person!

This is one that is kind of hard to evaluate and cross off the list. I think that until I have a job I absolutely LOVE that I will always have a bit if a hard time getting up for a work day, but as of May 2013 I have been hitting the snooze button significantly less. Also, on weekends I rarely sleep past 8:30-9:00.

7.) Work out on a regular basis

Again, another one that's hard to really cross off the list, as it's more of a lifestyle change then something that you can just do one day. But, I'm very happy to say that I have been weight training and working on my cardio by running. The weather is starting to warm up enough that I will be taking my running training outside very soon. So far I am very proud of myself for working on this goal. I'm not sure anyone else would notice, but I can defintely see more muscle definition, and notice a huge difference in my strength at the gym.

8.) Visit a continent I have never been to

Loose plans to make this Africa as part of our honeymoon. Planning to start in Morocco. I will be thirty at this point, but if I can do this whole list before my 31st birthday, I will be happy. I did only make it a few weeks before I turned 27

9.) Visit all the provinces in Canada

Been to: Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Quebec, and Ontario.
Still to Conquer: Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

10.) Pay all of my "bad debt"

This is proving to be such an uphill battle for me right now. School costs are out of control, and the price of everything is rising, while my paycheck stays the same amount! I'm getting closer, but you still have to enjoy your life. All work and no play makes Jessica a dull girl. I have cut out frivolous spending at home though. No more eating out, or $5.00 lattes/smoothies. All extra income outside of my small vacation savings goes to that debt!

11.) Learn a second language

12.) Run a 1/2 Marathon

Complete January 11, 2014

13.) Swim with Dolphins

14.) Skydive

15.) Try Surfing

16.) Get Lasik

17.) Ride in a Submarine

18.) Move away from Newfoundland

19.) Visit Paris with Ryan

20.) Own a pair of Louboutins

21.) Go to a Chicago Blackhawks home game

Completed March 5, 2013

22.) Visit Disney World (& The Wizarding World of Harry Potter)

Completed January 2014

23.) See Blink 182 in concert

24.) See the Grand Canyon

Completed November 23, 2013

25.) Parasail

26.) Craft as a source of (secondary) income

27.) Complete my MBA 

Almost 1/2 done my MBA!

28.) Have a job I love

29.) Go to a Shooting Range

30.) Ride in a Helicopter

Completed November 23, 2013

Ideas for 40 before 40.... Mt. Kilimanjaro... have a baby... visit all 50 states... Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef... Machu Picchu... have a condo in NYC... visit the Harry Potter set in the UK... Do a backpack sytle trip around Asia... Spend a week in LA... Bungee Jump... 


  1. I love this! I had a "bucket list" at one point, but I have misplaced it and you have definitely inspired me to write my own... so thank you! My favorite one on your list was to be come a morning person... good luck!

  2. Thanks! I don't expect to actually complete this one, as I didn't make it until I was almost 27. I figured whatever I didn't get done I could transfer to my 40 before 40 and then really take 10 years to make sure that one gets finished! You should make a list, its really fun!