Review Policy

Dear Authors/Publishers,

I am pretty happy to review books. It's 50% of the reason I write this blog. If you have a book that you would like too pass along, I would be extremely appreciative. That being said, I will write about it on this blog. Even if I do not like it. So, with that being said, please take the following criteria into consideration when submitting a book.

- If your book does not fall into the following genre's below, you may still submit, but please provide a somewhat detailed synopsis, as I may say no. The reason I ask this is because if your book is not something I normally enjoy, it increases the chances I may not like it. I will take some books that are not part of these genre's on a case by case basis, as sometimes I am in the mood to try something new, or maybe the synopsis sounds extra good!

The genre's I normally read are:

  • Contemporary teen books/romances (think Anna and the French Kiss, The Confessions of Georgia Nicholson, The Carrie Diaries, Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, Summer Sisters etc.
  • Mystery Types (think The Millennium Trilogy, the In Death series (JD Robb), The Lovely Bones, etc)
  • Chick lit (think Shopaholic, Candace Bushnell, Lauren Weisberger, etc)
  • Paranormal (think Vampire Diaries, Women of the Otherworld series, Sookie Stackhouse, Vampire Academy, etc)
  • Dystopian (think Delirium, Divergent, Huger Games, Ender's Game, etc)
  • Fantasy (think Harry Potter, Narnia, etc)
Some other books I have picked up that don't normally fall into what I would consider my "norms" but liked are: The Help, The Kite Runner, Room, The Book Thief, etc.

- I may say no anyway. There are tons of reasons I may say no to a book, and not just because I don't think I will like it. I may have just read like 10 vampire books, and be in the mood for something else, I could be bogged down with school work, I could have a sky high pile of books for review, and I don't want to make promises I can't keep.

With that being said, if I do take your book, here is what you can expect from my review. First, upon submission, I will tell you how long it will take me to get to it, so you can know if that works for you.

Second, once the book is read, I will write my post. It will include: A synopsis (I usually use whatever is on Goodreads or what is on the back of the book, but you may submit a synopsis of your own if you prefer). I will say that I received this book from the author/publisher for review. Then I will review the book. I give honest, but brief reviews, and always do my best to not contain spoilers. I don't very often go on long winded rants about how much I LOVED or HATED a book. I always say 2-3 things I liked, and 2-3 things I didn't like (if applicable) about a book. Then I rate it (you can find the rating system here, just scroll down).
Pretty simple stuff, but I like for you to know exactly what you're getting into if you give me your book :) Check out some of my reviews posted, as this is always the format of review I have used.

Thanks so much for choosing me as someone you trust to review your book (if you choose to!) I'm always extremely flattered when authors do.

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