Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Best Giveaway I Have Seen Yet!!

Now, I know I haven't excactly "been around the block" when it comes to the book blogging world, but in my 6 months or so of reading them (and writing for 2) this is the best book giveaway I have come across!

Unabridged Anna's 500 Follower Giveaway!!

Now, I was hesitant to post a blog about this, because I WANT TO WIN!! so promoting it seems like I'm giving it away to someone else! But, greed is not sexy (haha) so I will be a good sport, take my entry for writing this blog, and encourage you to do the same!! Click here to take you to the giveaway!

Good Luck!! (but I still do hope I win!!)

I will perform a dance similar to this when I win


  1. Bahah! You are awesome chick! I hope you win just because I would then require you to send a video of you dancing just like that girl to claim your prize :P Good Luck!

  2. lmao that picture is fantastic!