Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Complete Walt Disney World 2010 - Julie & Mike Neal

The Complete Walt Disney World 2010

Summary: On the heels of capturing eight national book awards, the best-selling Complete Walt Disney World series returns with The Complete Walt Disney World 2010. Now with more than 500 full-color photographs, this show-and-tell extravaganza rates and reviews nearly 700 attractions, restaurants, shops and hotels and offers hundreds of helpful tips.

New attraction coverage includes the refurbished Space Mountain, the revamped Hall of Presidents and the all-new American Idol Experience. As for planning your trip, illustrated articles make it easy to choose the right theme-park tickets, understand the Disney Dining Plan and save a lot of time and money. Young families in particular will find the book helpful, as the abundance of photos give children a way to read it with their parents. Eye-catching images show attractions, hotels, restaurants and more.

Why I Read This Book: I thought this was a good way to get some preliminary planning done for a Disney Trip I have tentatively planned in the future. Also, I love Disney everything, and I thought it would be great to read some interesting stuff about my favorite place I have never been! *I received this book for free from NetGalley*

Review: This was a great book to get me thinking about my first trio to Disney! I'm not planning to go until February 2014, but I like doing my vacation research ahead of time, especially when your going to a place that time is of the essence! This book helps you plan things so that you will definitely get the maximum amounts of fun out of your time. I enjoyed the book, but I will still need to do some more research, as things have changed since 2010 (things are always changing at Disney I think!)

Since I didn't really read this book cover to cover, I just hopped around to what was interesting for me, I can't speak to all the content in it, but if you are planning a trip to Disney, especially if you have never been, or if you felt like you didn't get the most out of your trip, this is a great resource tool! 

Why I Chose Not To Rate This Book: I decided not to give this book my normal star ratings, as I said in my review, I didn't actually read the entire thing. Also, since I have not yet been to Disney, and it is more of a guide than a book, I do not feel comfortable rating something that I cannot verify the accuracy of. For this reason, I will not rate it, but still can say, from what I saw in the book, and from my experience planning other trips, this seems like a great resource tool, and the picture in it are fabulous too!

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