Friday, 3 August 2012

Not Really Book Related....

Happy Friday to Everyone!

I just noticed something, so I thought I would share my opinion over here, even though its not really book-related.

Do you use Pinterest? I do, I love it. I like pinning food, travel, craft, fashion, and book stuff (among lots of other things too). Its just a great place to store ideas for later without overwhelming my browsers bookmarks. Its also great if you aren't on your computer, or you get a new one, because you still have access to all your saved sites.

But, my beef is this: Pinterest has changed lately, and its mostly for the worst. I'm seeing friends post things that I know they didn't, so technically, I'm getting spam. With more users, some of the stuff that gets pinned is clearly advertising, and sometimes some offensive things get pinned as well. Now, I know with increased popularity some of this stuff tends to happen. I don't even mind that people have been using it for advertising, I know I will often 'pin' a book to my 'Bookworm' board using the picture from my review, so it is linked back to it. What bothers me about the advertising is when they use the text to advertise, cause it sounds so fake, I won't even pin it.

Today, however was the first time I noticed that Pinterest now uses ads, much like YouTube when you open up a pin to either view it larger, or to go to the site the pin is from. I can't decide how I feel about that, because I understand the people who run this site need, and should, be making some money. But, it definitely takes away from the 'feel' of the site, do you know what I mean? Anyway, its not going to stop me from using it, but it does sort of bother me that they have to put it right over the picture like that. Boo.

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