Monday, 29 August 2011

E-Readers on a Plane

If you have consulted the "Currently Reading" tab on the home page, you would see that I am now reading 3 different books. I normally have more than one being read at a time, but I had to start a new book today for a specific reading: I had to fly. Now, I loooove my Kobo, love, love, love it. I like being able to have more than one book on the go at a time, without having to bring more than one thing with me. It's also great for vacation, as I normally read about 4 in a week when not working. However, it sucks for flying, especially on short flights. You can't have your electronic devices on while taking off or landing, and since I flew to Deer Lake, NL from St. John's, NL that is about half the flight. So, of course I had to start a new book!

As well, I am out of town for the rest of this work week. I will try to keep posting everyday, but may get a bit too busy! Do not fret, I'll be back!!

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