Friday, 26 August 2011

The Horn of a Lamb - Robert Sedlack

Back of the Book Synopsis: Meet Fred Pickle. He has a severe brain injury. For the past seven years Fred has lived under the loving guardianship of his uncle Jack on his sheep farm. Fred’s annual creation of a perfect neighbourhood rink is a joyous quasi-religious ritual for him. And his local NHL team means more to him than it would to the average fan; it renews hope and happiness.

So when the team’s owner announces he is moving the team, Fred’s world begins to fall apart. Torn between the law-abiding influence of Uncle Jack and the radical urgings of Badger, an 81-year-old anarchist, Fred must decide whether a plot of vengeance against the owner is a path to independence or oblivion.
The Horn of a Lamb charts an unforgettable year in the life of the incomparable Fred Pickle, a year that begins with the promise of another hockey season, and ends in a way few could have foreseen — especially the lambs. And certainly not the unsuspecting American owner.

Why I Read This Book: I stumbled upon this book in the discount bin at Coles Bookstore. I was there getting a few new books to read over Christmas break from university. I bought this for no particular reason at all except that the synopsis sounded half good, and it was only a few dollars.

Review: This book was a nice read. Based on the way it came into my life, I wasn't expecting a whole lot from it, but it was a nice book. The story line is easy to follow, revealing new information throughout the  course of the story to keep you interested. There was a few surprises in the story, and some unexpected events. There isn't a whole lot else to say about it. I have never heard of the book, or of the author, so it was a complete gamble to read (I sometimes like to do that - how else are you supposed to expand your horizon?) I would read more books by Robert Sedlack, and can definitely say I enjoyed this one.


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