Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Top Ten Characters I’d Like To Switch Places With For 24 Hours

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish and is a weekly meme.
This week's topic is Characters I'd Like to Switch Places with for 24 Hours. I think this is a tough one, because most book characters inevitably go through something in their respective books which I would most definitely NOT want to deal with, but for just 24 (mostly uneventful) hours I would probably pick...

1) Hermonie from Harry Potter.
Helps that I would be beautful too!
No sense picking an average wizard, I want to be an awesome one who knows ALL the spells so I can try them out for awhile. Plus, I just to hang out with Harry and Ron and all my other fav Hogwarts mates. This would be an awesome day, providing we didn't have any Voldy run-ins.

2) Lisbeth Salander from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
"There is not one thing I forget"
This girl is a crazy, kick-ass, genius. Who wouldn't want to be her for a day?? Just a day though, she's too antisocial for me to survive, and I wouldn't want all though tattoos, piercings, and all around terrifying persona.

3) Anna from Anna and the French Kiss
picture taken from: The Authoress
Anna gets to live in PARIS, and she gets to date St. Clair who seems rather amazing... Yeah, I'd be her for a day, no problem!

That's all I can really think of... I have been reading a lot of books lately where I wouldn't want to be the characters at all (think vampires, hunger games, cancer patients, other dystopians, etc) and I don't want to be too random and choose people no one has heard of for this either, as it won't be as fun. Oh well, 3 will have to be enough! I look forward to reading everyone else's lists and having a lot of "oh yeah, me too!" moments :)


  1. Lisbeth Salander is kick-ass, but so scary! :)

  2. Great list. :) I'd definitely switch with Hermione as well.

    Thanks for sharing! :)