Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sick Day Blues

Hey Everyone, today I am home sick from work, and sick I am. I have spent so long in bed that I needed a change of scenery and thought I would give you all a little update on what I'm reading and what else I am up to these days.

So first, I have a horrible horrible head cold. The kind where my throat, nose, eyes, sinuses, neck, and back all just ache from the sheer terribleness of it. I have been in bed for about 24 hours and I think that's why I'm aching so much, so I thought I would spend 30 minutes sitting up to see if I am feeling better. I feel so crappy, I can hardly even read. So yeah, now you KNOW its bad!

Other than that, there are a few life things going on. I went back to my part time job in addition to my full time one. I had initially left it because I was planning to buy another house that needed several renovations, and I will be working towards a MBA/CMA designation starting in the fall (well, I already have started, but I  took the summer off, so I will be starting again!) But, instead we decided to purchase something new, so I won't have to put in the sweat equity, and we will rent out or current house. We have some big life plans which we are trying to sort out, that the extra income certainly won't hurt, so I went back! And they are so good to me there, I might as well. I'm very lucky having two jobs where I have fantastic co-workers.

Also, I mentioned some big plans - well, in recent years I have had a huge wanderlust growing inside of me. I have always loved to travel, but it is so expensive! So, my lovely boyfriend, being the dear that he is is going to allow me to indulge in this passion for a few years, if we can meet some criteria first. *side* it is probably important to mention he is the responsible one of the two of us. So, first - we need to have a home to come back to, with some sort of asset. So, that's why we will have two houses being rented by the time we leave, so we will have other people paying our mortgage while we are away, and we have something to come back to. Second - we need to get rid of all our bad debt! That includes any lines of credit and consumer debt. Of course we will have mortgages and I will still have some lingering student loans, but those are/were investments. I am making good on paying my student loans back though, so no trouble there. This is why I am working the second job, to bank some money because all my income from my other job has to pay of debt - booo. I think we are going to do an Eat Pray Love type trip (except it won't be as lame as that book) where we actually live in certain places, and get jobs there to make enough to live off of, and then after 6-8 months, move on. We are somewhat limited to our choices of where we can go for some time, as we have a 7(ish) year old dog that I would not leave behind. So, in late 2014-early 2015 I think our first stop is going to be New York City! That is my dream city to live in, and since its expensive, it's probably a good place to start while we still have some savings, and in my research, it seems like a lot of small apts. let you have animals (not the case here, almost all rentals say no pets). Anyway, even though that isn't for quite awhile, it's all I think about, so I thought I would write about it! If any one who reads this has ever done anything similar, any and all advice would be appreciated (unless you're jaded, then I don't want to hear it! haha).

Finally, I have made a commitment to try and make a lot of my Christmas gifts to people this year. I have a sister blog to this one about my craftiness, but I almost always forget to take pictures of things, so it never gets updated! But maybe this time I will, and of course I can't post til after Christmas, but it's exciting to think of all the stuff I can make that people will love!

And finally for today, I'm working on too many books right now. Four is just too many. I started a new one last night, and I shouldn't have but I have been dying to get to it, and I finally loaded it on to my ereader, so I had to start.
Insurgent (Divergent, #2)That book is: Insurgent by Veronica Roth
I had been waiting for this book to be released for so long, and then when it finally was, and I bought it, it just sat there... I know, story of so many of our lives, but really. I should have started it earlier. I'm on Ch.4 cause I fell asleep from my delirious illness, and now that I am slightly more alert I'm making myself finish one of the others before I keep going.

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side (Jessica, #1)

The book that I will finish today is: Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey.
I have no idea what is wrong with this book, but it is not compatible with my ereader, it takes like a full minute for each page to turn, I feel like I have been reading it forever. I'm over 90% done it though, so hopefully I can finish it. It sucks because it's not a bad book, but the book acting funny is making me dislike it more!

Let the Great World Spin

Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann
This book I started because when I reviewed my 2012 TBR Original Challenge list, it was on there, and I realized I wasn't doing so well with my original list, and I don't want to feel like I failed that challenge. I'm about 30% done this one now, but it isn't a genre I normally read, so I'm not really flying through it. It is good though.

Under the Dome

Last but not least, Under The Dome by Stephen King
This book I am reading the paper copy of, and it is HUGE and HEAVY, so I have only been picking at it. I bet when it starts to get good I will have a hard time putting  it down, but I have barely started it so far.

Otherwise, that's really it. I'm going back to bed now. I really home that I feel better tomorrow! I hate taking sick days, and I HATE being sick!!


  1. Get better soon. Getting rid of debt is never fun:( Good luck with that and traveling! I love NYC but have only been once.
    Can't wait to read Insurgent!! I have to read Divergent again first though, to make sure I remember all the details. I started Pandemonium without rereading Delirium and was kind of mad at myself.
    -Jenna @ Fans of Fiction

    1. I actually found a really good Divergent summary on another blog, which I found really helped without having to take time to do a re-read. It was helpful though, as I definitely had some of the characters forgotten!

      I'm almost back to normal now, but being sick was rough! Thanks for the well wishes!

  2. I found I didn't have much time to read on my trip, so I'm really just a little way into Insurgent. I think I'll set it aside for a while and try something else.

    Your trip sounds perfect. Do it now, while you are young. You will never regret adventure.

    1. Some of the best trips are the ones where you don't have time to read! I prefer to explore where I am rather than sit by a pool (although that is nice too!)

      I found it a great read that's hard to put down, so if you don't have time that might be a good idea!

      Thanks! I'm really looking forward to starting to plan. We are looking at leaving here near the end of 2014, so lots to think about before then! If I don't do it soon, I never will.