Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Blog Title and Other Bloggy News

Hey Folks,

So today I decided to loose the super long title of my blog. Last year when I started it, I thought the name 'Imma Bee, Imma Bee... No, Wait, Imma Bookworm' was funny (I still do, as it really is) however, it is too long. Way too long. Also, since I have also decided to work a little harder on making this blog more appealing, and brand-able, and all the other stuff us bloggers hope our blogs grow up to be, I thought the first step in doing this was to have a better title. I'm not in love with calling my blog just 'Imma Bookworm' so I may in fact decide to change it totally. In the meantime however, I have shortened the title to just Imma Bookworm. In the next few months, I'm hoping you will see big changes around here. I am almost computer illiterate, however I am looking at things such as; getting a blog designer to make a header/button/layout for me, researching better ways to get out there (including advertising, networking, and yes, increasing my followers) and I also am considering Wordpress. These are all very big decisions, and many which I know NOTHING about. Today I signed up my blog for a twitter and Facebook account, so I guess that's a good first step! Anyway, if there is anyone who has any advice for me, or any comments on this subject at all, I would be extremely grateful to hear what you have to say! When I started this blog, I didn't know what I wanted from it, but now I am starting to realize I want a little more than what I have right now, so I'll see where this gets me!


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