Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Reading and Watching Wednesday

Hello All!

Before I get to my weekly feature, I thought I would give you a little update on what's up these days. I have started some new series' which I have been wanting to get around to, namely The Infernal Devices and The Iron Fey. I'm still reading the Iron King but I'm about half done. I'm working on 4 books right now, and that has me sort of feeling overwhelmed (my own fault, I know). But the thing is, I started reading The Scarlett Letter, and I'm just not feeling the older style language right now, I'm about 30% done it, and I'm not even sure I have a clue what's going on... Probably not a good sign. I also started reading Modelland by Tyra Banks, which is so bad it's hard to not finish, but god is it ever LONG. I have the ebook so I didn't realize, but it just keeps going on and on and... well, you get the idea. I also have a paper book that I'm working through, and that's fine, I always have one on the go for when I am flying or my ereader dies, and it's The Debutante Divorcee and it's okay enough, and finally I'm reading the Iron King as I mentioned. And I'm enjoying that one, but do you ever feel guilty when you have books outstanding? I started Modelland and The Scarlett Letter before I started Clockwork Angel, now I have that finished and posted about, and now I'm half done The Iron King and I still haven't finished those 2! I want to just keep reading The Iron King, but I feel bad for the other 2! Does this ever happen to anyone else?! Maybe I'm crazy, haha. Anyway, I'm going on vacation on Friday (a big road trip) so hopefully I'll knock out both Modelland and The Scarlett Letter then, and be able to read only awesome stuff for a little while.

And, now on to the book vs. movie!
This week we're going to take a look at:
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants is one of my favorite book series' and I had high hopes for the movie when it first came out (some time in 2005). I went to see it in theaters, and I Was really disappointed... at first. They changed so many things in this book. Some things that I can remember that really stood out as different are the fact that Perry (Bridget's twin brother) was missing, Tibby and Bailey meet differently, Kostos and Lena's relationship with each other and their families is different, Eric is Mexican in the book (not a boy-next door American), and Brian was not Asian in the book. I never understand why they have to change such simple details like these. Why can't you cast people that are some what similar to how they are described in the book? And why make it an apple when it's supposed to be an orange, know what I mean?

Other difference that I can actually understand why they were different (too complex, time issues, etc.) are things like Lena going to visit Bridget in Baja, Tibby's depression over Bailey, how the pants were actually found, how Carmen's father's wedding played out, etc. These changes I noticed, but didn't really bother me.

As for the 4 main girls, I thought the casting was great. At first I wasn't thrilled with Carmen and Lena's actresses, by in the movie they were perfect. They had such chemistry as friends, and after awhile I grew to love the movie for different reasons than I love the book.

Verdict: Book is better, but movie is great too :) However, don't ever let me start talking about the 2nd movie, because THAT was a piece of trash.

Anyway, I am hoping to get one of these scheduled to come out next Wednesday while I'm away, but time is short, so we'll see!

Happy Reading :)

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