Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Top Ten Tuesday 2013 Edition, Volume 2

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the BookishEach week they will post a new fun Top Ten list topic so we can all get to know one another. This week's list is:

Top Ten Bookish Goals For 2013

1) Complete my Goodreads challenge of 75 books this year. That is a lot for me considering I work a full time, and a part time job, and I'm in school. That's reading 1.442 books per week, and I guess technically I'm already behind. I'm reading a big book, but it still only counts as one.

2) Stick to the posting schedule I created. I think its really realistic, and leaves a lot of freedom to post whatever I'm feeling like at the time.

3) Really concentrate on my challenges lists, but not to the point where I'm feeling burdened by it.

4) Get rid of my old books that I know I'm never going to read again. This will be a hard one for me, but I think that my books will be better served being donated to the hospital or a womens shelter than collecting dust on my shelf. Obviously I have some important ones I will hold onto, but I think its time to part with all the bargain bin chick lit I have bought, and give them to someone who might actually read them again (cause I know I won't!)

5) Stop buying books for the sake of buying. If I want a book really badly so I can read it right away, sure. But I have over 100 unread books in my possession, and I don't need anymore right now just because they are on the sale table!

6) Find some more books for BF to read. He likes to read a little bit, but he needs to be given the book. He has an ereader, and I have to load it for him and tell him "read this one now" for him to do it. He has read the Harry Potter books, and the Hunger Games series, and the Steve Job bio recently, but I don't know what to put on there next for him. Giving him a series is easiest, but he doesn't like books with too much teen girl lust in it. Any suggestions? I gave him Tucker Max most recently and I think he needs something with an actual story line to go to next.

That's all I can think of really, my goals are a bit long, so I think 6 is enough! Looking forward to seeing what everyone else thinks of!


  1. I think that it's really important to not feel burdened by the challenges you participated in. Though I love to challenge myself to do all these things, blogging is still just my hobby and reading is my passion, and you shouldn't feel stressed or something over something that's just a hobby. Good luck on achieving your goals! Reading so many books when you work and are in school is hard (I'm trying the same thing) but I hope you make it :D

    1. Definitely agree! For awhile I was getting review books that I wasn't enjoying and eventually I just asked myself "why??" so I got rid of them and now only accept reviews occasionally when it sounds like I would read it anyway!

  2. I've become overwhelmed at times with signing up for too many challenges and with trying to read too many books (especially books I really was not in the mood for!)


  3. These are great goals and very similar to my own. :) #3 is a great goal; I really struggled with my challenges last year. It started to feel like a chore rather than fun.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I totally agree with not buying more books. I keep doing that when I see a sale and I have WAY TOO MANY on my shelves that need to be read. And I bought more the other day... UGH. LOL

    Good luck with your challenges and finding books for your BF to read. :) My husband loves Dean Koontz books and the Maggie O'Dell Series by Alex Kava - they are thrillers and you kind of need to read them in order.

  5. I wish I could get rid of my books I know I'm not going to read, but I don't think I can! I'm so protective of them :/ haha, but that's a great goal! Good luck :)

    Here's my Top Ten!

  6. I wish you the best of luck with your goals! You are a braver woman than I with wanting to donate your old books. It is so hard for me to purge my collection, but I really do need to. Maybe I'll take inspiration from you and go for it!

  7. Great list! Some of them are on mine too! Good luck with all these! :D Hope you achieve them before 2013 ends :)

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  8. Great list! I wish I could declutter but most of my books on my shelf are unread books!

  9. Awesome list. I should have put give away books I'm not going to read again. I cleaned off my bookshelf the other day and found a few I know I'm not going to read again. Good luck with these!