Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Hallelujah! I'm told we are now a connected household!!! I'm currently away for work, so I don't get to enjoy it, but I have internet at the hotel :) I have to grip a bit about what went down with the internet providers though, so bear with me!

So, we moved into our house on November 9th, and we had a service appointment with Bell that same day! (What luck!) So the guy shows up to connect it, and he isn't able to because the building hasn't been connected yet. Why would Bell send a technician, shouldn't they know they haven't set the building up yet?! But, OK, fine. When ARE you going to connect the building? The tech guy didn't know, and told me I would have to give Bell a call. Mildly irritating, but fine. So the next day I called Bell and they said the building was ready to be serviced, and did I want to make an appointment? I was like- Lady, are you listening to me at all?? Someone was here yesterday and couldn't. She didn't seem to comprehend this, but said she would get an answer and call me back. Two days go by, and nothing. BF calls Bell again, and at least gets someone who can tell our building isn't hooked up. He asks her how long, she was like "I don't know, could be a week, could be a month". WTF kind of answer is that. So, we played the waiting game for awhile. We had tons of painting, unpacking, organizing, and everything else to do anyway, so we didn't mind much. After another 9 days of hearing nothing, we started to get concerned. Neighbours were starting to get Rogers service, but Bell wasn't yet available. On November 23rd (2 weeks after we moved in) we decided to switch to Rogers. We wanted to keep our same phone number, and Rogers said that wouldn't be a problem. So, we had a service appointment set up, and we just had to call and get Bell to transfer our phone number to Rogers. When BF called to do that, Bell told us that it would cost $50.00 to reconnect the number. We were like, Why did you disconnect it?? You were supposed to hook it back up!! Argh!! But whatever, not that many people use our home number, its not that much trouble to get a new one. So BF calls Rogers back and gets a new number for us. They are coming the following Wednesday, Nov. 27! Yay! So at this point, we love Rogers and hate Bell. SO, Wednesday comes, and BF is home waiting for the guy to come... and he never shows up! WTFFFFF dude! So BF calls Rogers and is like... um, where were you today? And they were like, what are you talking about? I guess what happened was because the girl he set the appointment up with reopened it to add in a new phone number, something went wrong, and the service appointment never got saved. So, we got some sort of credit for the inconvenience and rebooked for the next Wednesday, December 5th. And begins another week without TV/phone/internet. December 5th comes, and the guy shows up (victory!!) now we are relieved that everything is OK. But, guess what! Something else is wrong. So dude gets up on the pole to feed some wire in, and the tech that was there before him left the cap off some pipe, and water got in it, and froze. He can't feed the wire into it, and he leaves... So, no hookup for us.

Finally, today, one month and two days after we moved into the house, we have internet. I hope this means its a Merry Christmas to come!

While we had no connections, we started watching Star Wars (both of our first times), so we have two more episodes to go, and you can be sure there will be a post about that coming soon. Also, in all my downtime, I didn't do too much reading, but I have a few new reviews to write, so I will get to those soon. As well, I will be back to participating in the weekly FF and TTT starting Friday!

It's good to be back!!

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