Saturday, 3 November 2012

Moving Week Blues

I'm sure most people have moved at least once in their life. It can be a real pain. I thought it was pretty crappy when I was younger and my family moved, and all I was responsible for packing was my bedroom. Through university I pretty much moved every year, but even then I didn't have a WHOLE lot of stuff, only 2-3 car fulls. Two years ago when we bought this house was the first time I really had to move furniture, and even then we were moving from a 1 bedroom apartment (that was soo tiny!) to a whole house. Well, we decided to buy a second house, and now the moving part is going to be such a headache!

Just packing and labeling and cleaning the house was bad enough, but now we are facing some huge delays at the hands of moronic lawyers. Which is SO frustrating. We will be renting the house we live in now to tenants (and becoming a landlord is another first for us!) so when our closing date on the new place got delayed, we had to delay our tenants (THANK GOD they were so flexible - we could have been homeless if not!!) and now we still have no idea when we will get to move!

I have been living out of packed boxes since Thursday, as that was when we were supposed to move, and now we have our movers scheduled for Friday. We are hoping to get the keys a little earlier so we can do the painting that needs to get done, but ARGH! I am so super frustrated over this! I won't go into detail about why the house isn't closed and ready for occupancy, but I can say that it is because a lawyer (not ours) didn't do their job! And that's what makes me the most angry, that its because simple paperwork wasn't processed that it didn't happen. Its not a problem with the builders, or suppliers, or anything in my control, its just laziness!

I haven't been doing much else but cleaning and packing and making phone calls to continuously change dates of everything, so I had to get this rant off my chest! BF and I are about ready to go postal! Our plan was to buy another property in 2-3 years and do the same thing (rent and move somewhere else) but this experience has definitely left a bad taste in my mouth!

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