Thursday, 29 December 2011

Little Women by Louise May Alcott

Goodreads Summary: Meet the March sisters: the talented and tomboyish Jo, the beautiful Meg, the frail Beth, and the spoiled Amy, as they pass through the years between girlhood and womanhood. A lively portrait of growing up in the 19th century with lasting vitality and enduring charm.

Why I Read This Book: I like to read classic books every now and again just so I have read them. That is the reason I chose to get a Kobo, as it came loaded with 100 classic books for me to make my way through. I chose Little Women to read, because it seems silly that I never had.

Review: I thought this book was pretty good, but not great. I have no plans to read Alcott's sequels "Little Men" or "Jo's Boys". It is a good story, with many lessons, and a nice look at growing up a couple centuries ago. I don't regret reading it, but I'm glad I'm done. I felt that the latter part of the book was a bit rushed compared to the first. Or rather, I think I felt the first part of the book was too long. I could have done without reading the stories that Jo wrote, and the plays the girls did. I was nice to read about them growing up.



  1. I know this book could get a little tedious at first, but you just need to be a little patient with it. What did you think about the "Jo cuts her hair" episode though?

  2. That was one of the more interesting parts! I did like the book, I just felt that it dragged on in a lot of places, which I'm just not used to as books are much more fast paced these days. I still enjoyed it, and I want to see the movie too, to see what they did with it. (I never watch a movie before I read the book!)