Monday, 17 September 2012

The Au Pairs - Melissa de la Cruz

The Au Pairs (The Au Pairs, #1)

Goodreads Summary: Three girls with three agends and the ultimate destination: the Hamptons.

Summer in the city? Way overrated. Everybody who's anybody in New York City summers in the Hamptons. Mara, Eliza, and Jacqui all want a piece of the action, all for different reasons. So the girls answer a classified ad to become au pairs. How bad can it be, watching a couple of kids on the beach all day? They've got the swank address, the sweet ride, and an all-access pass to the hottest social scene on the East Coast. It's shaping up to be the summer of their lives.

Why I Read This Book: This one caught my eye on Goodreads one day, so I got it from the library.

Review: This was a great summer read. I though the characters were all idiots, but they were supposed to be, that's what made it good. It also made me want to be an au pair in the Hamptons for a summer, however realistic that is. The book made it sound like the perfect mix of exhausting and awesome. Even though I have been meaning to read the Blue Bloods series, this is the first book of Cruz's I have read, and I liked the writing, it is very contemporary YA in this, which is the perfect read anywhere in a day kind of this. I polished this off on the deck with some frozen cocktails while on an at home stay-cation, so that definitely contributed to the fact that I didn't see much not to like about the book! However, it's story wasn't overly unique, so already I can't remember what happened, and for that reason I can't say it was fantastic.



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